Hygiene Facts

  • 1

    Cotton is a natural, hypoallergenic material that allows skin to breathe, hence preventing bacterial and fungal growth.

  • 2

    Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows in a boll, or protective case, around the seeds of cotton plants of the genus Gossypium in the family of Malvaceae.

  • 3

    Research states that 50% of TV remote controls have cold viruses and needs to be wiped out regularly with an antibacterial agent to avoid further risks.

  • 4

    According to the United Nations Washing hands is the most cost-effective intervention for the worldwide control of disease.

  • 5

    Wear the least amount of make-up you can. All make-up can cause pimples.

  • 6

    Anything that comes in constant contact with your skin, lands up in your blood stream to spread throughout the body.

  • 7

    Since synthetic fibers are made from oil-based products, they do not like water and are nonabsorbent. Purified cotton is very absorbent—though it can be manufactured to be nonabsorbent for certain applications.

  • 8

    cotton tends to feel cool against the skin. Moisture is not absorbed by synthetics the same way it is by cotton.

  • 9

    Cotton fabric is highly regarded for its versatility and natural comfort. Harvested from the cotton plant, this soft, fluffy material is used for apparel, bedding, thread, tarpaulins, towels, and many other products. The cultivation and use of cotton dates back to prehistoric times. Cotton has a softer, more supple feel than polyester and is less likely to irritate the skin.

  • 10

    Cotton is very absorbent, easy to care for, and comfortable for babies.