Why Tulips ?

We live by Quality !
  • Indian leader in Hygiene Cotton - exporting products to more than 12 Countries
  • South Asia’s largest manufacturer of Cotton buds & Cotton balls
  • Nominee for ET NOW - Leaders for Tomorrow 2014
A Cotton bud should feel nothing but… Cotton
  • We use softest possible fibre of Pharmacopoeia grade Cotton
    Cotton IP, made up of Comber, is used… which gives softest feel.
  • A state of art, microprocessor controlled Glue System, which no other company has….. not even J&J
    We suggest that you compare a J&J bud with our buds, to experience why we are very so fussy that all our 8 million cotton swabs made everyday… are equally soft !
  • Microbiology Testings are conducted for every batch. Purity is Guaranteed !
    Also, to ensure purity, we heat all Cotton buds through a tunnel which is maintained at 80 degrees.
Cotton Microbiologically, most sensitive substrate
A Cotton Swab is nothing but 100% Cotton wrapped tightly & bound by Methyl Cellulose based glue.
  • 100% Cotton is used as the preferred mode to carry pap smears & viscera etc., which is a confirmation of its strong retention property of any microbial loading.
  • Cellulose & Alcohol based glue also is an unimaginably enormous storehouse of microbial contamination.
    If this glue preparation system is not under strict GMP guideline & the glue is used over 48 hours of being produced, it has a potential of thousands of times of normal acceptable micro count. Hence, it is the application of GLUE which makes the Cotton swab, microbiologically very critical.
  • Dermatologically safe
    Hence Cotton swab has much more to it, than just wrapping Cotton on a stick, in any condition. As it is coming in contact with human skin, there is lot of systems which need to be followed to ensure that the product is dermatologically safe for the consumers of a TRUSTED brand.
  • Our Cotton swab facility is among the best worldwide, on GMP guidelines & in a controlled atmosphere.
    Any unit which has simply an ‘eye visible’ hygienic condition, is not fully equipped to handle Cotton swabs. It can have a failed product, at any point of time, incase the moisture level retained inside the product is more than 10 - 12%.
Perfect Bonding. Guaranteed.
  • We guarantee that our Cotton swab will NEVER DEBOND with its stick, during usage
    We have indigenously developed systems to ensure that every swab has a minimum bonding strength to withhold the pressure implied during usage.
  • Strike a tough balance between Softness & Security.
    This is the Ace of Spades for us. We have worked very hard on this facet of consumer experience & have made in-house developed microprocessor based systems for acute monitoring!
    Other brands like J&J achieve this security by simply increasing the GLUE Content, which makes Cotton swab VERY HARD & ABRASIVE in nature.
  • Try us !
Equality ~ Quality !
  • All our Cotton swabs & balls are equal & perfect in size. There is lot of science & handwork behind it. Swiss technology production lines makes one swab from exactly 30 mm of cotton strand.
  • Each swab & balls carries exactly same amount of Cotton & rolled perfectly,
    ( Even at a blinding speed of 2500 Cotton buds per minute & leisurely 600 balls per minute :)
  • We use softest possible fibre & only Pharmacopoeia grade Cotton Cotton IP, made up of Comber, is used… which gives softest feel to our Cotton buds & balls.
  • State of Art, European, In-House Cotton processing Unit
    In our quest to ensure that each of our Cotton swab is of equal size & shape, we have installed a latest microprocessor controlled, 600 MT capacity Cotton sliver making unit which is manufacturing World’s most accurate sliver. Thus, most accurate Cotton swabs.
Quality Systems, Tests & Values
Testings - Raw Materials
  • All the raw materials are tested for their quality & integrity, & then approved for consumption.
  • Tests are done to ensure that Cotton is 100% Pure Cotton.
  • Cotton’s Analytical Reports are ratified for quality factors.
  • Plastic quality is certified & procured from one of the world’s most reputed / largest polymer companies.
  • Stick Bending Test is conducted multiple times in a shift, to ensure that the stick strength is as desired.
Testings - Finished Product
  • Tight Quality standards & very short Quality control team.
  • World’ finest production lines - fully automated & have quality checks ONLINE.
  • Auto - ejection systems in place, in case of any faulty products.
  • 4 Tier Quality Control & Assurance system, to ensure that approved quality product reaches the consumer.
  • Moisture Tests.
  • Microbiology Tests conducted for every batch.
  • Dermatology Tests, conducted periodically.
  • Cotton Pull Tests (for Cotton buds).
  • Stick Pliability Tests (for Cotton buds).
  • Host of other tests which we do regularly, for unmatched consistency in our product quality.
Other key points related to quality
  • In - house Cotton processing lines which ensure highest accuracy level of Cotton sliver.
  • Highly expensive microprocessor Glue control, along with flow control sensors, one step ahead, on lines of drip irrigation.
  • 100% Quantity assurance -ONLINE, AutomaJc Control for failproof system - human error chances removed.
  • Untouched by Hands - This is a quite frivolously used phrase, as it is almost not done anywhere in Asia, as no company has Auto packing systems in Round Jar, except for Suparshva. While all the manufacturers convert by hand, we do it 100% automatically, with in - house developed automation systems.
  • Very strong inward checks - ensures that the RM & the intermediates are of perfect grammages or well within the tolerance.
  • Auto Ejection of any faulty Cotton head or empty head - ONLINE, Automatic Control for failproof system - human error chances removed.
  • 4 Tier Quality control & assurance system.
  • The leaders in Asia. Top brands score well with vendors who come up with new product & packaging ideas.
Azo Free Cotton… for colorful choices

We also have Colour Cotton balls which come in beautiful pastel hues

Perfect for Make up application & removal.

Complete, Internationally concurrent Cotton Hygiene Range !

We now have a complete range of Cotton Hygiene products. Swabs, balls, Facial pads, absorbent Cotton

Our latest European production lines & focus on Quality systems, make our products at par with European standards

Exports to more than 12 countries (5 in Europe), keep us update with the latest trends internationally